As one of Atlantic Canada's largest law firms, BOYNECLARKE has a well-earned reputation for providing legal expertise with a commitment to integrity, professionalism and community. After almost 40 years, BOYNECLARKE felt it was time to better communicate that commitment and turned to the team at Breakhouse for a rebrand that would help differentiate them within a profession saturated with cliché imagery and similar messaging.
Using a process that involved in-depth client/employee surveys and focus groups, Breakhouse was able to help BOYNECLARKE drill down to see that everything they do is rooted in a strong sense of honour - from the way in which they practice law to their relationships with their clients and their involvement within the community.
At BOYNECLARKE, honour is a code of conduct, a promise and it's a standard they strive for everyday. Based on this discovery, Breakhouse created a new look and feel that more authentically expressed the firm's core values, vitality and community involvement. In addition to a new logo, tagline and brand guidelines, deliverables included direct mail pieces, email newsletter design and copywriting as well as various collateral and communications pieces.
This design went on to win an award from Design Edge Canada for identity application and was a finalist in the logo category.