Located on Cow Bay along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, the Croll Cottage is a year round weekend retreat. As you arrive, views to the coast are intentionally blocked by the house. The qualities of the site are revealed while moving through the cottage. Entry into the house is through a small covered porch. The interior of the entry has an 8’ ceiling, when moving into the great room the ceiling rises to 16’ and a large bank of patio doors provides an uninterrupted view of the distant horizon.

Responding to the clients wishes for socialising in an informal setting, the great room was designed without a formal dining space. Instead, a u-shaped kitchen island has been designed to serve as a central focal point around the host, as if sharing stories with a bartender.

In order to keep the Cottage within budget, everything was designed with standard components and with the greatest economy in mind. A plywood insulated “box” located in the middle of the cottage contains all of the plumbing lines and fixtures as well as the heating systems. The walls and doors of this box have been treated as an exterior wall assembly so when the cottage is not in use the only area required to remain warm is a small 250 sqft area.
Breakhouse Architecture is a full service architecture firm.
As such, it requires its own dedicated site.