The Wal-Mart Effect
Presented by Peter Wuensch (founding Breakhouse partner)
Breakhouse Office, Suite 140, 1096 Marginal Rd. view map
Thursday February 21, 2008 / 12:00 – 1:00pm

The inaugural Poodle Club event was delivered as reflections from founding partner Peter Wünsch on sustainable design & sustainable brand building in a global economy and sharing insights from Charles Fishman's book called The Wal-Mart Effect. 

Exploring the counter-intuitive ideas around how Wal-Mart can play a crucial role in saving the planet from the destructive environmental situation that companies like Wal-Mart are partly responsible for creating made for interesting conversation. Whether you love W-M or hate it, understanding its effect on our world isn’t a simple, black & white (or green) matter.