Uncommon Grounds
Gordon and Trina Stevens returned to Halifax in the summer of 2001 after several triumphant years stateside in the world of finance eager to start their own business. - or rather, businesses. Gordon in particular wanted to continue the family legacy, as he had grown up in his father's general store stocking shelves and working behind the counter. In 2003, the Stevens' partnered with Breakhouse to design a series of cafés that would embody a rich sense of family history, strength of character and above all approachability. While all three locations are unique, each café is unmistakably a Stevens's signature establishment. Breakhouse continues to collaborate with the Stevens on many projects that contribute to the vibrancy of the city. since opening, Uncommon Grounds has won numerous awards judged by the local connoisseurs including best coffe house, best coffee, and best cappuccino. 
Breakhouse branded and designed Uncommon Grounds.  As well as all the interior/exterior work, breakhouse designed all the collateral.