The Uncommon Group creates and manages innovative retail environments in Nova Scotia, Canada. Not satisfied with the current retail offerings of environmentally sustainable goods, they invited Breakhouse to co-own, co-create and evolve the branding and design of a completely new retail environment that could be easily and affordably rolled-out with the ability to fit in just about anywhere and on any scale..

After shaping the story line behind the company in partnership with Uncommon Group, Breakhouse designed a fully branded destination and experience. The environmentally-conscious and playful mission statement literally became a basis for store design. It is layered into the walls, floors, millwork, ceiling, windows and even the product selection. Carbonstok has proven to be a unique destination that appeals to all ages through its functional, versatile and sustainable design-objects. Since its opening in October 2009, sales have been higher than projected and the Breakhouse inspired design of Carbonstok won a 2009 Canadian Retailer Excellence in Retail Award.

Breakhouse named, branded and designed Carbonstok.  As well as all the interior/exterior work, Breakhouse designed all the collateral