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Why Creating Community in a Mixed-use Development is Important

Today’s real estate consumer is sophisticated, well researched and discerning. Priorities of the average consumer have changed, and it all comes down to one guiding principle.

Buildings don’t matter.

People want meaning – a reason to connect to place and a desire to be part of their community. A building is only as good as the community of people that inhabit it.

You have an opportunity to understand that your customers want more than a pretty building sold with irrelevant stock photography.

Buildings only matter, when people matter first.

Prioritize life in communities.

Invite energy into your development. Start by planning at eye level, and invite the small but important elements that will make life flourish for tenants, workers and customers.

“First life, then spaces, then buildings. The other way never works.”

Jan Gehl

Architecture for people:

See people

Meet people

Talk to people

A sensual happy city

Help people feel like they own their community.

They grow as you grow.

They are home.

They are safe.

They have a voice.

They belong here.

You care about them.


At Breakhouse, our greatest strength is connecting people through an experience, and finding or creating the natural mesh that binds each and every individual to a common purpose.

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