Gander Int’l

We Are Gander

Gander Airport is serious about providing and operating a viable, safe, and secure international airport. Gander, like everywhere in Newfoundland, also knows how to have fun. Reflecting this strong sense of duality would be key for a brand refresh.

The update to the visual brand started with language.  

In oral communications, Newfoundlanders naturally truncate words. A  simple, sophisticated and authentic way to have some fun with tone, diction, and dialect—in a way only Newfoundlanders can.

International, written in full, has a formal, serious feel. 

Int’l is a clear reflection of Gander’s authentic brand character and duality.The apostrophe is a powerful design element which would become a key component of Gander’s visual identity. An uncomplicated way to build brand recognition and a clever kernel for sprouting marketing ideas. As a device, it can be both visual and spoken allowing it to translate well across digital, analog, and built environments.

Creating Community
Gander Int’l as a persona, is very much The Regular Guy who takes pride in a down-to-earth ethos but is clever and cheeky in a way that makes everyone feel at home.

Gander Int’l is moving forward but staying authentic and true to the community, conveying simplicity and honesty and helping to achieve a feeling of belonging with the collective.

As the masterplan comes to life, the addition of new amenities like the Union East (link) restaurant, will bring fresh energy to this storied airport on its quest to return it to its rightful place as a regional hub for socializing and civic pride.  

Gander is the Airport and the Airport is Gander. The town was born to deliver an airport. 

That’s how the story started and how it will end.


Simple and sophisticated in one li’l stroke.

A playbook was developed for the Gander Airport team which includes all aspects of their visual identity including the logo and colour palette, brand voice, social and website creative, swag and even photography rules for interior and exterior property shots.

A brand archetype was thoughtfully chosen to help develop the voice of the Gander Int’l Airport.

Out of home material mock ups were also included, along with proper use of the apostrophe which is a key component in Gander’s visual identity.

Profile photo options for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were designed along with social post templates for celebrity visitor profiles and residents of the town.

Heritage Gander typography and colours were used for internal Gander branding.

The roll-out of the updated brand will have experiential moments.

Fun and serious meet here.

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