Island Folk Cider

You g`wan.

The Island Folk Cider House brand is all about people; not just the people behind the company, but all the characters that surround us in life–especially people in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. When asked to tackle the overall brand positioning, voice, naming and visual identity for this new cidery, we held up the metaphorical mirror and reflected back what heard and saw.

The Island Folk Cider House is a plain + direct bunch, coloured with the irreverent salty zing found on Cape Breton. They say what’s on their mind in an honest (but endearing) way. The brand we created had to be rad and fun, but also sweet and warm. Our simple wordmark + icon are playful and approachable but meant to take back seat to the bold illustrations. Our collaboration with local Cape Breton artist Alison Uhma, brought to life our vision of a colourful character-driven visual language.

After all, when kin get together in the kitchen of a cider house, the conversations get loud and lively like these colours and illustrations.

Illustrated copy cranks up the Island Folk personality.

Essentials at the Cider House.

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