Purdy’s Wharf

Living Business

With the abundance of modern office space popping up around downtown Halifax, an awareness campaign was needed to remind the public of all of Purdy’s wonderful and unique offerings. In addition to the architectural and rebrand changes Breakhouse developed, the “Living Business” campaign was launched in the winter of 2019.

We wanted it to be unlike any other business office ad that’s easily glossed over and instead went for more vibrance and colour. With the help of threesixfive Media, The Woods Choreography and Juno nominated Ghettosocks, we created a series of multiple fun and upbeat videos showcasing Purdy’s as an ideal spot to grow your business and provide people the ideal work/life balance. Out of home material was also displayed throughout the city at multiple transit shelters and all three ferry terminals.

Transit shelter and ferry terminal posters displayed around the city.


Social assets were developed for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Good use was made of the video wall in Tower 1 to show off static creative and video to current tenants.

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