Arabella Park

A brother from another mother.

As the craft beer revolution was sweeping the continent, in 2015 it became apparent to a group of entrepreneurs, that even in the heart of central Canada’s beer region, there was a need for a true craft beer bar experience. As luck would have it, they found partners with deep experience in running the east coast’s premier beer bar, Stillwell. Thus was born the second member in a family of subway-stop named bars.

A combination of crafted, painted wooden details and furniture is woven together with more industrial materials such as glass and steel in an urban re-interpretation of an Oktoberfest beer hall, complete with a Munich neighbourhood name.

The laced logo is echoed in wireframe chairs. A canopy of suspended points of light reflect in the blue glass skin of the innovative, triple temperature zone keg chamber behind the bar. With its 18 rotating taps, the bar has become a go-to for beer culture in the area. It stands apart by embracing the new beer vibe with a bright, optimistic attitude.

Best New Bar Golden Tap Awards, 2017

Social media photos courtesy of @arabellaparkbar

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