Brickworks Ciderhouse

An apple a day…

In less than 5 years, Chris Noll and Adam Gerrits turned their university friendship and passion for DIY beverage making into Canada’s number one selling premium craft cider company; Brickworks Ciderhouse.

By 2017, Brickworks decided it was time to bring their craft to the streets of Toronto and showcase their brand’s tasty, local attributes. Along with Fab Restaurants, Mill Street Brewery and Labatts, the two founding partners teamed up with Breakhouse to create their first bricks and mortar location in the hip Riverside neighbourhood of Toronto.

The roots of the design spawned from Chris and Adam’s love for the craft of small batch experimentation, allowing the space to become a blend of industrial cider making machinery within an urban aesthetic. The front facade’s garage doors double as an open dining area in the summer heat, as well as a commercial entrance for the thousands of local apples brought in to be processed on a weekly basis. The main restaurant and basement hold large vats for fermentation of seasonal and classic cider recipes.

The location opened in May of 2018 and made a great addition to the neighbourhood. The initial response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Old Buildings Ferment into Stylish Breweries Globe and Mail, May 2018
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Breakhouse did a fabulous job capturing the essence of our brand and making us a home that truly feels like our home. Our customers mirror my feelings as we have had an overwhelmingly great response and have been far exceeding our initial projections.

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