Good Robot Brewing Co.

Bringing a DIY brand to life.

Three young engineers decided to put their friendship to the ultimate test by collectively changing career directions to open a micro-brewery and tap room. We were asked to create a fun, young, intensely focused brand and bar experience to match their excellent senses of humour and reflect their engineering backgrounds. Step one was providing a new name with a personality to suit these goals.

The premises required massive upgrades to accommodate both the industrial needs of the brew house and the conversion of a former diner and an apartment unit into the new tap room. To stay within the build budget, humble materials and finishes were used, which happily coincided aesthetically with the chosen design intent, and complimented the plans for environmental graphics.

The quirky yet authentically fun energy is palpable throughout the space. The extensive graphic elements became the foundation for a powerful brand personality which exploded as the business launched. It is a place that is at once very contemporary yet delivers punctuations of nostalgia such as the beloved 60’s Ford Falcon inspired bench seats at the bar.

Cue 2018 and the GRBCO team is ready for round two — transforming the current upstairs residential unit into a secret bar experience completely independent from the original taproom. Desiring a speakeasy-like atmosphere with the usual Good Robot eccentricity, the new bar was inspired by dark film, fine arts, your grandmother’s antiques, and being caught inside the belly of a whale. Dark, cozy, sophisticated materials with a prominent performance space juxtapose the ‘never grow up’ mantra that emanates from the bar downstairs.

Project Highlight
Voted best brew-pub in the city since first year of service.

Test caption

Sometimes other people know you better than you know yourself.

Social media photos courtesy of @goodrobotbrew

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