Union East and Drinks


Union East and Drinks opened for business in 2019 as an early harbinger of the reemergence of Gander International Airport as a true community hub. Like its food, the name and design influences are locally born. The original Union East, was a small and vibrant community located east of the Gander Airport in the 1940’s.
The Breakhouse design team leaned on simplicity to create the visual identity, referencing aviation in a way that everyone gets. The signage and environmental graphics package pulls from the new Gander Int’l airport branding as well as artifacts dug from the rich well of Gander stories . The interior design marries a classic, approachable feel with thoroughly contemporary finishes and form.
Our hats off to Reg Wright, CEO of Gander Int’l Airport for coming up with the name. Nailed it!

Personalities from distant + recent past …

make for dinner conversation starters.

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