Best Cleaners

From suds to studs.

How do you reinvent a tired, unremarkable service brand in an industry not known for having engaging brands? And do it in an affordable, sustainable way?

Working with dry cleaners might sound, well, dry, but that wasn’t the case with Best Cleaners, a 30-year-old retail dry cleaning chain in upstate New York. Under new leadership, Best Cleaners wanted to shake the perception that dry cleaning was only a tedious, impersonal service to be endured in our busy schedules. The goal was to transform these services into an enjoyable, effortless experience that makes customers’ lives easier.

This type of re-thinking and re-positioning required our team to understand the business goals and areas for potential expansion of services. Interviews and audits were conducted as part of the process to define and celebrate Best’s expertise. The lifestyle needs of the target audiences were analyzed and interpreted to set up criteria and triggers for customer loyalty.

In the end, Breakhouse developed a new brand persona that used cheeky humour to address the customer as a smart, busy adult who just needs a little help to make daily chores easier.

The design and creative output put emphasis on this new brand voice, with the physical stores getting a light touch renovation, using a system of environmental graphics and brand messaging to transform the retail environment.

To date, renovated stores have earned an average of 500% higher gross revenues than non-renovated stores. Campaigns for concierge services reached subscription targets in half the allotted time. The new brand voice also influenced a stronger leadership voice within the company as training programs and employee retention noticeably improved.

Project Highlight
Results showed a 500% spike in sales.

We gave Breakhouse a bricks and mortar problem and they delivered a holistic brand strategy that ignited our sales.

We knew a holistic approach to design was key to our success as a business. Breakhouse was the perfect partner to enrich and enable this through all our channels of external and internal engagement.

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