NSLC Signature Stores

When gov’t does retail.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation has over 100 stores serving nearly a million people across Nova Scotia. Those customers expect a certain level of customer experience consistency… a tricky proposition across a large network of varying store sizes (from 1,500 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft.) and various generations of design. The bigger the network of stores, the bigger that challenge becomes.

Our updated store design had to be scalable and cost-effective… oh and deliver an exceptional customer experience that would stay relevant for ever and a day. No pressure.

The answer to this tall order was found in focusing on the product and the journey. By creating zoning and destinations within the store, we were able to encourage a non-linear customer flow that focuses on discovery. This new strategy let us develop an adaptable floor plan that could be rolled out across all store banners.

Stores opened on June 1st 2018, and response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. The strategy of simple and clear focus on product and message is on track. Sometimes it’s good not to over-complicate a situation.

The strategy of ‘less is more’ is making an immediate impact. Our product offering and messaging is cutting through much more clearly. This approach, along with our revamped merchandising strategies, will help set the roadmap for our total banner evolution going forward.

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