Episode 7

Self-Branding and Expression By Design | Interview with Musemo Handahu

Vincent interviews Musemo Handahu, digital content creator, writer, style guru, and Tedx speaker.

In this conversation: Design, brand, and self-identity; the daily grind and creative process of a digital content creator; self-expression and brand alignment decisions, and much more.

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A moodboard from one of MissLionHunter's past posts.

Learn more about Musemo Handahu at misslionhunter.com and follow her on Instagram @misslionhunter

Musemo Handahu

Digital Content CreatorMissLionHunter

Host: Vincent Van den Brink, Architect + Partner, Breakhouse, Inc.
Guest: Musemo Handahu, Digital Content Creator + Style Icon.
Announcer: Danielle Pottier, Senior Architect, Breakhouse, Inc.
Producer: Brenden Sommerhalder, Director of Analytics + Integration, Breakhouse, Inc.
Production Assistant: Jamie White, Manager of Social + Front of House, Breakhouse, Inc.
Theme music: Ghettosocks

Episode Transcript

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