King’s Wharf

Testing a masterplan.

The groundwork of this building started from the masterplan we created for the entire Kings Wharf development. Following specific requirements that all buildings will be developed from the position of the pedestrian experience first. For the first building designed under this Masterplan, we paid particular attention to details and material quality of the experience at street level.

Each retail front and residential unit, hotel space along the ground floor, is broken down in material and massing to create the human scale necessary for such a large building.

Overall massing is broken down into four main parts, connected under one parking garage. The first, is a three storey commercial block, capped with a 27 storey residential apartment tower. At the opposite corner of the site is a four storey hotel that wraps the corner and continues the full length of the block.  The street wall this creates is broken by an entrance way into a public courtyard.  The courtyard includes playgrounds and a green space for active play, and its perimeter is punctuated with hotel balconies and private apartment patios. To address the high wind concerns forced down off the 27-storey tower, we created a second skin of perforated metal screens that are supported by the concrete balconies which breaks down the straight gust lines making a comfortable Southern-exposed park.

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