Vic Suites

Colourful living.

In collaboration with Dexel Developments, Breakhouse led the design of Vic Suites; a 10 storey multi-use development in Halifax’s southern business district.

The challenge was to blend into the existing neighbourhood which consisted of low rise and single family homes. In order to reduce the overall massing of the development, the design intent was to articulate the project as a collection of smaller buildings. The first 4-5 storeys relate to the immediate surrounding residential buildings and commercial streetscape. The body of the building, floors 5-8, step back from the street to keep the street experience to the 4 lower storeys. The canopy on the top floor makes for a cap to the building. This canopy provides shading to the interior of the units that are otherwise exposed to the peninsular and harbour view with twelve foot floor to ceiling glazing.

With its close proximity to restaurants and cultural attractions, this sleek building overlooking the Halifax waterfront is a Haligonian’s dream.

Full exterior photo and lobby photo courtesy of Paramount Management

Rather than being demolished, one of Halifax’s oldest houses on the site was moved (and restored) to another location by Dexel Developments.  Breakhouse designed a commemorative installation to Charles Morris, Halifax’s first surveyor who lived here.

The historic Victoria Hotel, which stood on this corner, became the subject of a custom mural created by Breakhouse for the lobby of the new Vic Suites.

Personal objects added by tenants to their entryways gives the interior a more homey feeling and welcomes guests.

Contrast not just with the neighbouring buildings, but within the form of the new development.

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