The Quarterdeck

Elegance meets seaside resort.

A beachside dining destination on the south shore of Nova Scotia since 1938, The Quarterdeck Restaurant came under new ownership in 2015 with plans for a ground-up rebuild​ and expansion.

It was important to hit a balance between honouring the long history of this uniquely quaint restaurant (which literally sits over the ocean waves) and providing a contemporary dining experience ​in a new building that would act as the hub of the resort.

Tearing down the humble old restaurant building brought tears to a few eyes, but the fresh architecture, which included a new second level – expanding dining and reception areas – keeps a distinct connection to local, seaside building tradition that feels rooted. Likewise, the new visual identity and brand re-work was crafted to gently lead something old and familiar down a new path.

Where to stay, eat and drink in Atlantic Canada. British GQ, November 2017

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