Countervailing beauty.

Despite being named Vitality, this stalwart beauty salon and medi-spa was feeling tired, worn-down and outdated. Time for a makeover!

The work began with a bit of ethnographic mining as we probed staff and clients to reveal a deeper understanding of cultural behaviours, habits and desires. Creating an inclusive place of comfort and safety was of highest priority at Vitality, where some patrons routinely undergo extremely personal medical procedures and consultations.

The brand’s visual identity needed a refresh too… but how to capture a feeling which works to energize all three specialties of the business: salon, spa and medical?

Breakhouse created a new wordmark with an elegant and stylish typographic motif to express the notion of transformation and revelation of what lies beneath. The slash marks slice through letters and divide the name into three, subtly defining the three areas of the business. Throughout the space, a pastel take on Surrealism was used to express the idea of unconventional beauty, by transforming ordinary objects and revealing something beautiful. Captivating compositions were set in soothing colours drawn from the palette of the beautician.

As the design came together we paid attention to the undeniable fact that in this Instagram age, people want the WOW factor in everything they do for themselves. The main salon space, with it’s 20’ high, fully glazed streetside provided a dramatic vitrine calling out for something really special.

Corrugated steel! Wait, that’s not special… unless it’s custom fabricated, Surrealist corrugated steel painted in satin Esprit pink.

The new Vitality location is an amazing space. It is an architectural spectacle that perfectly suits our elevated customer experience that we provide for our clientele. The Breakhouse team did a fantastic job listening to our feedback and our needs to build a new home for our team that suits the direction we are heading as a brand.

Vitality over the years had gone through several evolutions in terms of the product and services it offered, but never really evolved as a brand. Breakhouse has done a magnificent job understanding where we’ve been, where we are and more importantly where we are going and as a result delivered a unified Brand Strategy that is unique to our marketplace. Breakhouse has been the perfect partner to engage us in a journey that has our team and our guests ecstatic about the future!

above image courtesy of @vitality_medi_spa on Instagram

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